Andrew Prata


Dr Andrew Prata
Monash University
Research Fellow

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I am an atmospheric scientist who specialises in satellite remote sensing with a research interest in using inverse methods to quantify cloud and precipitation properties. Before joining SAEF I worked as a postdoc at the Meteorology Department at the University of Reading, the Environmental Simulations Group at the Barcelona Supercomputing Centre and the Earth Observation Data Group within the Department of Physics at the University of Oxford. Within SAEF, my role is to investigate precipitation processes over Antarctica and the Southern Ocean. My research will include making and analysing field observations, including dual-polarised radar retrievals from the RV Investigator and RSV Nuyina with supporting analysis from satellite observations and numerical simulations.

“I think it is important to secure Antarctica’s environmental future not only to mitigate the challenges that climate change brings but also to preserve this natural wonder for future generations to experience.”

— Andrew Prata