Dominic Saunderson


Dominic Saunderson
Monash University
PhD Student

E: dominic.saunderson@monash.edu

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Dominic is a PhD student whose research interests are in ice-climate interactions on timescales of hours to decades. In particular, he is interested in understanding the variability and drivers of surface melt and hydrology. His current work focuses on the Shackleton Ice Shelf in East Antarctica, using a combination of remote sensing and climate reanalysis datasets. Previously, he has investigated ice sheet albedo in Greenland, using output from regional climate models and automated weather stations.

The main reason Dominic was drawn to Antarctic research is because there are still many unknowns about the ice sheet despite its critical importance to the global system. His academic background has been in physical geography, cryospheric science, and remote sensing, and this PhD position allows to him to combine these interests together and contribute to answering some of the most important scientific questions that we face.

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