Jodie Dunn


Jodie Dunn
University of Wollongong
Research Assistant


I completed a Bachelor of Advanced Science (Ecology) with 1st class Honours in UVB radiation and Antarctic moss pigments in 2000. I spent a summer at Casey Station collecting data in 1999/2000 working under Distinguished Professor Sharon Robinson. Post study I was employed by Sharon to continue working on the project and then moved into an Ecology Technical Officer role at UOW. After a few years I moved into threatened species work with NSW National Parks and Wildlife, first working on Brush-tailed Rock Wallabies, then 15 years on the South Coast Shorebird Recovery Program. In 2020 my position was made redundant providing the opportunity to take 3 years off to concentrate on our 5 acre property (vegie garden, orchard and chickens) and my 7 year old daughter. Earlier in the year I reconnected with Sharon and she offered me casual research work back with Antarctic moss. I love working on environmental conservation projects, particularly climate change, adaptations and threatened species.


“Antarctica is a great example of international collaboration and one of the last wilderness areas, plus a great indicator of climate change impacts, and it should be protected into the future in its own right.”

Jodie Dunn