Johan Barthélemy

Johan Barthelemy


Dr Johan Barthélemy
University of Wollongong & NVIDIA
Chief Investigator, Biodiversity & Stewardship

E: jbarthelemy@nvidia.com


Johan is a Developer Relations Manager at NVIDIA, helping researchers and developers in the ANZ region to accelerate their AI applications, and an Honorary Senior Fellow at the University of Wollongong. Prior to his role at NVIDIA he led the SMART Internet of Things Hub (IoT) and the Digital Living Lab, developing sensors and edge computing devices for IoT applications using low-power wide-area network networks including connected beer kegs, smart cameras and water level monitoring, and low-cost gas sensing. He is currently focusing on the development of new applications of artificial intelligence and intelligent video analytics for smart cities and environmental monitoring.

“We must understand the impact of climate change on Antarctica to protect and preserve not only its unique and delicate ecosystem, but the entire planet for future generations”

— Johan