Johanna Beckmann


Dr Johanna Beckman
Monash University
Research Fellow

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I am a climate physicist, especially interested in the effects of climate change on the cryosphere. During my PhD, which I finished in 2018, I investigated the effect of ice‑ocean interactions on Greenland’s glacier dynamics. To this end, I developed a numerical glacier‑plume model which was subsequently applied to estimate the outlet glacier’s contribution to future sea level rise. Furthermore, I worked on atmospheric dynamics and extreme events using statistical methods to analyse reanalysis data. These two complementary topics inspired me to combine research in the respective fields and I investigate the impacts of extreme melt events on the dynamics of the Greenland ice sheet with the Parallel Ice Sheet Model PISM. Additionally, I searched for atmospheric patterns that could explain their clustered occurrence. Now I continue to work on the Atmosphere – Cryosphere Interaction but on the Antarctic Ice Sheet. More Precisely, I will work on the climate variability on the East Antarctic Ice Sheet.