Larissa Lubiana Botelho


Larissa Lubiana Botelho
Queensland University of Technology
PhD Student

E: larissa.lubianabotelho@hdr.qut.edu.au


Larissa’s main research area is modelling complex systems applied to ecology and environmental policy. In her PhD, supervised by Prof. Michael Bode, Dr Kate Helmstedt and Prof. Kerrie Wilson, she is investigating how internal and external parameters of the Antarctic Treaty System affect Antarctica’s governance, aiming to build a model that can reproduce the political dynamics of the Antarctic Treaty System, make predictions about possible collaborations and political supports, and analyse if and how we can make the decision-making process inside the Antarctic Treaty System more effective.

Larissa has a background in theoretical physics and is passionate about interdisciplinary research. During her Masters, she adapted the spatial model for finite genome from de Aguiar et al. to perform a systematic study of hybridization and extinction events to understand what parameters are significant drivers in diminishing biodiversity.