Martín Iglesias


Martín Iglesias
Monash University
PhD Student



Ever since I started college I was fascinated at how life came to existence, how it became what it is today, and how it interacts with the surrounding environment. During my degree I found tools to answer parts of these questions: ecology and evolution.

During the final stages of my degree, I understood that man-made change (land use change, urbanization, climate change, invasive species) is a key topic that needs to be addressed and cannot be ignored by society. The combination of this realization and my passion for studying life resulted in looking to be part of projects that are involved in tackling man-made change.

For my Master’s thesis I studied the spatiotemporal changes of a population of capybaras and how their habitat requirements were associated with habitat availability in an urban settlement at Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Currently, I’m doing my PhD at Monash University, I’m part of Steven Chown’s lab, and part of theme 2 within SAEF. My project involves studying invasive species in the sub-Antarctic islands and how they impact native biodiversity at evolutionary, communities and ecosystem scales.