Parth Sharma


Parth Sharma
Monash University
PhD Student


I am fascinated by how life can endure, survive, adapt, thrive and evolve in extreme environmental conditions. My research interest is to explore the limits of life by studying microbial communities as a model system. I use Omics and Systems biology approaches to dissect complex environmental microbiomes. I am currently working towards a Ph.D. at Monash University, where my research focuses on studying the microorganisms that inhabit nutritionally limited and physically extreme environments such as glaciers and their surrounding ice-free areas. My goal is to understand how these microorganisms participate in primary succession and pave the way for the development of new ecosystems. Moreover, I am investigating microbial communities that thrive in other nutritionally scarce environments, such as meteorites and different types of rocks.

I hold an M.Sc. degree in Biotechnology from Madurai Kamaraj University, where I focused on studying the production of secondary metabolites from endophytic fungi for my thesis. Since completing my degree, I have worked on several research projects that have allowed me to explore the microbiomes of hot springs, rivers, and deep marine environments.

“Although often overlooked, microorganisms are crucial for maintaining the delicate balance of Antarctica’s ecosystems, as they regulate various biogeochemical cycles and ecological processes.”

— Parth Sharma