Pok Man Leung


Dr Pok Man Leung
Monash University
Associate Investigator

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I am currently a postdoctoral researcher and environmental microbiology team leader within Greening Lab at Monash University. With an environmental science background developed during my undergraduate years, I advanced as a microbial ecologist during PhD. My research passion is to study how diverse microorganisms can survive, interact, and in turn modulate their hosts and environments. To holistically understand these complex ecological dynamics and physiology of microbial communities, I apply skills across multiple disciplines, including from ecology (e.g. ecological theory and sampling methods), evolution (e.g. phylogenetics, Bayesian divergence modelling), biogeochemistry (e.g. gas chromatography, radioisotope tracing, respirometry, thermodynamics), microbiology (e.g. microbial isolation and cultivation), molecular biology (e.g. DNA extraction, PCR), and bioinformatics (e.g. amplicon sequence analysis, genome-resolved metagenomics). This has lead to new findings including the discovery of methane-oxidizing bacteria living on tree trunks that actively mitigate stem methane emission and the finding that abundant microbes survive in nutrient and water limited soils in continental Antarctica through the widespread ability to utilise allochthonous energy sources.

“Antarctica hosts a unique biodiversity with profound societal importance and scientific potentials that we have an obligation to protect.”

— Dr Pok Man Leung