Wen Wen


Wen Wen
Queensland University of Technology
PhD Student


I’m a marine conservation practitioner, data scientist, and planner. I have more than 15 years of experience in applying systematic conservation planning in the marine environment field. I completed my bachelor degree at the University of Indonesia majoring in geography science in 2004 and then I was awarded a Masters in Science for natural resource management by the Bogor Agricultural Institute in Indonesia. I am now a PhD Student at Queensland University of Technology and my research interest is to develop new conservation planning theory and prioritization methods that can be applied to Antarctica’s unique biodiversity, threats, and governance. My research will identify priority areas for the expansion of the protected areas network and create a strategic plan for securing Antarctica’s environmental future.

Antarctica is the last wilderness that should be protected as the foundation for sustaining our planet. It never too late to protect it!

— Wen Wen