Kaelan Lockhart


Kaelan Lockhart
PhD Student


After graduating from UQ with first-class honours and a double-degree in electrical engineering and physics, I worked for a year at Helimods, where we customised helicopters and small aircraft for special missions. During this period, I most enjoyed automating tasks, and as I am passionate about preserving the environment, I was looking for a PhD position to combine both of these interests. I always wanted to be an electrical engineer in Antarctica, so when I saw the PhD position advertised by Professor Felipe Gonzalez for designing a UAV to map vegetation in Antarctica within the SAEF project, it was perfect.

“Antarctica needs to be conserved – it is such a beautiful environment untarnished by human development and there is so much we can learn from the unique adaptations of the flora and fauna to survive in such an extreme environment.”

— Kaelan Lockhart