Noel Cressie

Noel Cressie


Distinguished Professor Noel Cressie FRSN FAA
University of Wollongong
Chief Investigator, Climate & Biodiversity

E: ncressie@uow.edu.au
W: uow.edu.au/dr-noel-cressie

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Noel is a Distinguished Professor of Statistics in the School of Mathematics and Applied Statistics, and Director of the Centre for Environmental Informatics in the National Institute for Applied Statistics Research Australia (NIASRA) at the University of Wollongong. His research focuses on environmental informatics, particularly in statistical remote sensing and statistics for spatio-temporal data. His recent work has involved co-authoring Spatio-Temporal Statistics with R alongside Christopher Wikle and Andrew Zammit-Mangion, and estimating regional and global carbon dioxide fluxes from satellite data. 

With SAEF, his research involves using statistical methodology to estimate the past, current, and future climate of Antarctica and its surrounding oceans. The estimates and their uncertainties will be statistically downscaled for use in modelling Antarctica’s unique ecology.

Noel has published a number of peer-reviewed articles presenting methodological research applied to the analysis of spatial and spatio-temporal environmental data; he has published three books (1993, 2011, 2019) in the area of spatial and spatio-temporal statistics; and his notable awards are: Committee of Presidents of Statistical Societies (Fisher Award and Lecture – 2009), Statistical Society of Australia (Pitman Medal – 2014), Australian Academy of Science (Fellow – 2018) and Royal Society of NSW (Fellow – 2020).

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“Antarctica and its surrounding oceans represent the planet’s last true wilderness, and we must do all we can to maintain and protect its unique ecology and environment into the future.”

— Distinguished Professor Noel Cressie