Krystyna Saunders

Krystyna Saunders


Dr Krystyna Saunders
Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation
Partner Investigator, Climate & Biodiversity

E: krystyna.saunders@ansto.gov.au


Krystyna is a palaeoclimatologist specialising in reconstructing past climates and ecosystems from sedimentary lake records. Her research interests involve applying biological, geochemical and nuclear techniques with radiochemistry to develop climate and ecosystem records over the last c. 12,000 years. These provide key insights into the natural variability of the study areas and, in most cases, show clear and unequivocal signals of human impacts over the last c. 150 years.

Antarctica is one of the remotest places on Earth with incredible, unique ecosystems and environments. If we are to secure Antarctica’s environmental future, we need to understand the many complex links between past, present and future climate and biodiversity, and what that means for conservation, management and governance in the region.

— Krystyna Saunders