Levan Tielidze


Levan Tielidze
Monash Uniersity
Research Fellow

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I completed my PhD at the Antarctic Research Centre, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. I use remote sensing and in situ methods to study modern glaciers in linkage to ongoing climate change. My research interests also include reconstructing the dynamics of past glaciers through the tools of glacial geomorphology and cosmogenic nuclide dating. In particular, I am interested in the deglaciation dynamics of the Antarctic ice sheets, the Southern Alps of New Zealand, and the Caucasus Mountains during the Late Quaternary. Within the SAEF program I will be working with Prof Andrew Mackintosh, Dr Richard Selwyn Jones, and other colleagues to better understand the response of the Antarctic ice sheets to past and ongoing climate change. 

“Protecting Antarctica and its remarkable environment is crucial for our planet and future generations.”

— Levan Tielidze