Thom Saunders


Thom Saunders
Visualisation Specialist

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Thom Saunders is a visualisation specialist with over 20 years of hands-on experience in data visualisation and UX/UI design, concept development, creative direction for rich digital applications across multiple platforms. He places a strong emphasis on user centric design processes to deliver consistent user experiences that meet user, functional and business requirements. A core area of his focus is visualising the connection between air, land and water using visualisation and simulation of environmental data.

Climate Futures AIR is a recent project of Thom’s that combines NOAA semi-real time data with sensor data WAQI of air quality monitoring to generate environmental visualisation for a public display on QUT’s CUBE. Thom has also led the design and development of projects that connect research modelling with visualisation in environmental science and conservation biology (such as the Building Catchment Resilience project, Future Card: Re-imagining environmental reporting and investment prioritisation for SEQ, and Living and Playing together: combining different technologies to look and listen for marine wildlife in our recreational waterways), health (such as the Cancer Atlas, Cancer Atlas 2.0, QLD Injury Atlas) and GLAM (Interactive Application for the MET Artist Wall).

Thom is working on a visualisation project that supports SAEF to communicate Antarctic and Southern Ocean research to a broad range of stakeholders.

“Antarctica is a unique environment that needs to be protected for the future, we need everyone to understand it’s importance.”

— Thom Saunders