SAEF Field Expedition Statement

SAEF research and workforce development entail travel to Antarctica, the Southern Ocean and the sub-Antarctic Islands.

In keeping with our proposals to undertake our program across the Antarctic region, we travel with a range of field access (or logistics) providers.

Most of our field research is supported by our major program collaborator, the Australian Antarctic Division.

We also benefit, however, from field expedition support by other National Antarctic Programs and by private travel providers.

National Antarctic Programs that provide field support directly or indirectly to SAEF include those of New Zealand, Italy, Brazil and South Africa.

White Desert supports our research in Dronning Maud Land. Noble Caledonia has provided support for SAEF staff undertaking professional development.

SAEF is of the view that civil society access to Antarctica, and understanding of the importance of Antarctica for the Earth System and the research required to understand it, are essential for the future of society.

Our Vision reflects this: An environmentally secure Antarctic valued for its role in the Earth System and for its significance to society.

SAEF is also of the view that all activity in the Antarctic must be well regulated, at least in keeping with the requirements of the regulatory instruments of the Antarctic Treaty System (or domestic environmental legislation for the sub-Antarctic), implemented to the highest standards.

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